Do Not Let Your Security System Be The Bad Guy


Surveillance and security systems are nowadays common in most businesses. And with so many popular security system providers such as Veridin Systems Canada Inc., business have access to features such as remote video surveillance, cloud-managed surveillance systems and even traditional DVRs and NVRs. Overall, your surveillance data is either connected to the internet, or another local network, which is in turn also connected to the internet.


Cyber-attacks are becoming more and more frequent and deadlier than before, which is why business must invest in internal support teams and physical security installers in order keep their digital data protected. These attacks can also affect camera systems, as well as other security access points. Simply put, your camera systems can act as a backdoor for cyber criminals, giving them complete blueprint and view of whatever you are trying to protect. (more…)

IT Support Edmonton


It is always important to make the best decision at all time. When this decision has a lot to do with your company, then it becomes very vital. A wrong decision as far as IT is concerned can greatly cost you and lead to immeasurable losses. It is therefore very important to consult expert advice from IT experts before making any decisions on the same. The IT support edmonton team will help you plan your entire IT project from any point. This will involve selecting the best solution, making major additions to your It network, making transitions to a different solution or making a major upgrade for the solution you are currently using. Getting IT support will make sure you get all your IT needs done right without using much of your time and resources.


Windows servers

Any errors or mistakes when configuring your windows servers for the first time can have major and disastrous effects for you for their entire lifetime. Proper configuration and hardware are therefore very important if at all you want to maintain smooth running of your servers at minimal down time without requiring lots of maintenance. It is therefore important to seek advice from a certified network engineer when making plans of deploying new servers whether for fax, e-mail, network infrastructure, file services or database. (more…)

MSPs Face Challenges to Generate Leads

MSP Marketing

msp marketingMost MSPs over the years have grown using traditional marketing methods such as word of mouth or cold calls. However, as competition continues to grow, generating MSP leads is becoming more of a concern for the majority. Especially since most MSP employees are technical experts, and might not have invested in hiring sales representatives or marketing experts. Along with that, businesses have increased their dependency on MSPs over the years, keeping them fully occupied all the time. That means, MSPs do not have the time nor the resource to invest in proper lead generation plans, making growth quite difficult.

That being said, most MSPs do however recognize the importance of lead generation, and how they must shift focus to survive in the long run. Technology is evolving rapidly, and innovative solutions are coming into the market that can empower businesses to be more independant. Public cloud servers, automated software programs and analysis tools, offered by large IT corporations are both cheaper and easier to manage. It is only natural that businesses will shift towards the more effective alternative that grants them more control and less dependency on third parties. This however, leaves MSPs at a position where they must adapt to the changing market. (more…)

Storage as a service now possible, thanks to ioFabric

IT company Toronto

The development of software solutions that complement hardware capabilities has let to an IT company Toronto like Teskostudio knows all too well for innovation to develop a software defined storage (SDS) service to enhance data handling issues for the world. According to data storage companies who have taken the platform for a test drive, the solution, going with the name Vicinity, introduces cutting edge storage options into whatever a company is implementing. It also gives the companies using it a centralised view of the data resources that may as well be the brain of their operations.

Founders of ioFabric

The founders of ioFabric, a school of bloodhound entrepreneurs who have been relentless for more than 20 years in the IT industry, their CEO being Steven Lamb having started four other successful companies. That much experience and passion for bringing solutions to some of the most pressing problems businesses face on a regular basis, is an investment cause that the team got from private sources, enough for them to research on the most innovative solutions to today’s challenges. (more…)

Pipe Liner Toronto Is Enjoying Brisk Business

commercial pipe liner plumbing in toronto

Just a few years ago almost nobody was aware that epoxy can be used to line and repair pipe sections.  Because of the advances in its formulations, however, epoxy has been used for many more applications including that of pipe repair.  But not all types of epoxies can be used.  The epoxies used in water pipe repairs have to pass engineering and food safety standards.  The people who install pipe liner Toronto have had special training in epoxy application.

Using pipe liners to repair damaged sections of home plumbing is a relatively new technique, but one which is enjoying a rise in popularity.  This has given plumbing companies a new source of business, though one cannot say the same for pipe manufacturers. (more…)